Firm Overview

Affordable Representation

One of the stigmas that some people have about lawyers is that they are too expensive and the return on value is hard to see, therefore, some people feel maybe it might be more cost-effective to be self-represented. However, after not getting the results they want and/or not knowing the legal process, these parties become lost in paperwork they do not understand and a process that can seem overwhelming. At the Law Offices of Christoper W. Dull we provide affordable representation to encourage people to use an attorney from the beginning to get through the legal process and obtain favorable results. We are efficient, won’t nickel and dime you, and do our best to provide the utmost value to your case.


Communication is key in every relationship including the relationship between attorney and client. At the Law Offices of Christopher W. Dull we pride ourselves on being available to the client whether it is to answer a simple question or sit down in the office to go over a complex or stressful issue.


Law Offices of Christopher W. Dull provides zealous and diligent representation driven to get clients results in their legal matters. We are not afraid to go to court to litigate on behalf of our clients to protect their legal rights.