Remarkable Attorney

“I hired Mr. Dull for my divorce case and he did a remarkable job. He was there to give me advice through the process and calm my nerves when court became stressful. He gets good results. Happy I hired him.”
– Susan, client

Very Good Family Attorney

Hi I hired Christopher to help me with my child custody and child support matter. He made me feel at ease about things and that I was not alone with this issue. He was straight up with me and gave me solid advice. At the end everything worked out. I’m with my son thanks to Christopher.”
– Aaron, client

Excellent Divorce Attorney

“I was a client of Mr. Dull’s. He took on my divorce case from start to finish. I had a very positive experience with him as he guided me through the process, took the time to explain to me what was going on and made sure I understood everything and that my interests were being best served. I highly recommend him if you are going through a divorce as well.
– Isabel, client

Exceptional Attorney

Christopher took my case and listened and prepared me for what was to come. His knowledge and skills really helped me in getting through this difficult divorce. I recommend him for divorce. He gets the job done. I was able to get divorced and got a fair settlement with custody and property division.
– Ruben, client

Excellent Attorney

I hired Mr. Dull to help me with my custody case which included a restraining order. Mr. Dull worked with me, met with me whenever I wanted to and thoroughly prepared with me for the one day DV trial. Not only was the restraining order dismissed at trial but Mr. Dull also was able to get me temporary visitation orders that included overnights right away with my children. I’m glad I hired him.”
– Michael, client

A Lawyer Who Will Fight For You Til The End

A Lawyer Who Will Fight For You Til The End
“First of all, I want to thank Chris for everything – his hard work and dedication. I know how busy he is with work and family. Without him, I would not be where I am right now. He has driven down to Sacramento multiple times for court dates, depositions, etc. for the last 3.5 years. It was a big battle w/ my ex. When I thought everything was over, my ex was putting me through hell and back again. With Chris’ patience, knowledge, and integrity, Chris assured me all things would work out and it did to my favor. This should have been a simple divorce. There was no child custody involved but my ex kept dragging it out and playing unnecessary games. Thanks to Chris it’s finally over. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone.”
– Anonymous

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